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Anime North meetup

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/09/2009

Hello Friends and Fellow DCers!

I would like to inform you all about the upcoming Anime North meetup for those that are going. Info after the jump.So it’s almost mid May and Anime North is right around the corner and coming up fast!  For the last few weeks, a few of my comrades have been planning a gathering at Anime North because they figured most of us Toronto members would be there.

Meet up Information:

  • Date: Saturday May 23rd, 2009 (Anime North Day 2)
  • Time: 12pm
  • Location:  Outside the TCC Main Entrance doors (the doors looking towards the roads)
  • How to spot us: Banner with Mirai will be held up as high as we can so people can see it.

The Plan is to go out for lunch together and generally get acquainted with each other.  I, personally will be vlogging my time at AN so there are chances that I will vlog this meet and greet too.

If you have any questions or just need to keep in contact with me you can find that information here.
If you need any information on AN you can find the information here.

I’m always willing to help out ^_^ see you there folks!

– Pandatronics


4 Responses to “Anime North meetup”

  1. akhp said

    Wish I could come, but busy that day T_T..btw, this is Anthony @ I had to create another account to post comments lol.

    Btw, im going to add you on blogroll ^^;

  2. T.I.P. said

    I would love to join, but I have work on Saturday. “orz I’ll be going on Friday or Sunday…most likely Friday. Will you be going there on Friday?

  3. robostrike said

    See you all Saturday ^_^ See you there!

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