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Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/15/2009

So! With everyone enjoying the new anime K-On! People started buying guitars and wanting to learn an instrument. I have been asked about this when I recently expressed my desires to learn the gutiar!

Now my urge to learn this instrument did not stem from watching k-on! but rather from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Video Games Live concert, Youtube video game remixes on guitar, and a personal love for rock music.  I was a little down one day thinking I could not learn to play guitar because I don’t have money to buy one, but I remembered I already had a guitar just waiting to be played.

When I was a youngin I used to take drum lessons at the local music shop and by chance entered raffle draw and turned out the winner of a Charvel/Jackson guitar from the late 80’s early 90’s Japanese models. While at the time I wasn’t too interested in the guitar I kept it anyways.  I retrieved my guitar from the basement the case is very dusty and the latches have become unco-operative, but the guitar itself is just fine! Though it’s missing the high E string ^^; not sure how that happened.

I really do like this guitar! I can’t wait to learn to play it well.

this is the headstock.

I was playing with it a little earlier before taking the photos ^^;

guitar also came with whammy bar.

Have any of you ever wanted to learn an instrument recently?


2 Responses to “Guitar”

  1. razrig said

    i’m thinking on getting one went i’m back in hometown… never play one before, for sure it’ll be hard on me ~_~, yes.. bcoz of K-ON~~~

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