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What I had and what is to come

Posted by pandatr0nics on 10/26/2009

I know it’s been a little while since the last entry, but here I am!  I feel bad there should be more pictures on my blog but I don’t have many 2D girls on my laptop…

Basically, I am still fighting with my body trying to salvage some sort of hearing I’m not sure it’s going so well. I talk about it a lot and you all might get tired of reading about it ^^; but really for 25 years I’d had my own hearing and suddenly it’s no longer functioning the way I know it’s supposed to. It’s been a hard road for me and I’m really just trying to get by as best I can. Of course I know for a long while I’ve been down in spirits and still am, but I hope in time I can cope with the ordeal. I want to enjoy things in life that I used to whether I can hear it all or not.

Where do I go from here? I often ask myself this these days since I am always going to the doctor and I either have good results or terrible ones. I struggle with the current hearing aid and think “Why do we have to pay so much, but the solution that was long over due is a failure?”  … It’s a heavy burden on my heart I suppose and I guess anyone would feel the same if they were in this position.

I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open and stay as positive as I can be and look for something towards the future even if I’m limited in what I can do.


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