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Dinner Get Together Success!

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/24/2009

Hello Friends!

Last night was a wonderful evening ! I want to thank everyone for coming out and making this event successful! Read the rest of this entry »


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Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/17/2009

So I decided to keep the date at the 22nd  with a plan to include many of you who might miss it ! I didn’t forget about you guys! I’m planning an event of entertainment in september!

As for the dinner the place is Montana’s Cookhouse! Here is the information:


The reservation will most likely be under the name David  the time is from 6pm – 9 pm but you can be late we’ll wait for you by trying to hit on the waiter ~_^

– Panda

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Epic Sidewalks

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/17/2009

Hello Friends!

So a few weeks back I was hanging with my pal Argyle and we were on our way back from McDonald’s when we saw this street sign. Now really it has this absolutely amazing epic name right ? Monolithic Sidewalk! It sounds like it’s bad ass doesn’t it?  In the end looking at the sign and then looking at the two sidewalks we realized….the monolithic sidewalk was just a little bit wider than a normal sidewalk.

Oh well… Next time i’ll post another picture of things around town ^^

– Panda

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Dinner Party Hooplah!

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/14/2009


Hello Friends!

Today, I come to tell you that I am hosting a dinner(or lunch) party at Montana’s Cookhouse!  I haven’t made reservations just yet!

I ask you if you want to come what date are you available? I have tentatively set the date for the 22nd of August.

Please get back to me ASAP you can email me from the link in my contact page.

– Panda

p.s. ty robostrike for the invite card again ^^

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Summer Relaxin

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/12/2009


Hello Friends!

It’s been a while! I’m doing alright at least as well as I can be doing given the current circumstances.

Today I just feel like telling you that it was such a nice day outside in Toronto despite the humidity.  I really just grabbed a tall glass of iced tea and sat on my deck in the backyard surfing the net on my laptop.  There was some breeze and I could see the fish swimming around in the pond.

I updated the dashboard on the 360 and I really want the clone trooper armour clothing for my avatar. Well that is really all that happened today…not very thrilling is it oh well I just finished playing some Monster Hunter with my brother.

– Panda

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Pandatronic BBQ funtimes

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/03/2009

Hello Friends!

Well the Toronto Otaku/Gaming Blogger BBQ is over now. I didn’t get much in the way of pictures, but we had a blast! more after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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