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Hey! I bet you’re wondering how you can contact me if you’re unable to comment on wordpress, plan on visiting Toronto, or just feel like chatting.  Well you’ve come to the right page!

A few Places you can find me at:



You can watch my slow moving Vlog ^^;

Pandatronics Youtube

For those that want to stalk the images! find me on Flickr:

Pandatronics Gallery!

NEW!!! Panda has made his way over to! Watch some gaming or just random stuff.

Panda Gaming

Panda Random

For you Gamers out there! you can add me on these places:

Steam: pandatronics

Xboxlive: berrymelon

PSN: pandatronics


There is also the ever popular email:  < that is a Zero in the address for clarification.

Talk with you soon!

– Pandatronics

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