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Panda in the mall

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/09/2009

Hello Friends!

It’s me again!  Yesterday I went out on the town with friends and ms pandatronics.  It was an entertaining evening though I wish my camera could hold more pictures :(  I had bought some memory cards that the man in the photo shop said would work with the camera, but they didn’t work at all!Oh well so much for the memory cards.  Anyways, I had loads of fun and now we show you how the day went.

This was taken on the drive to Fairview Mall(some of you Toronto Readers may have been here before).  Lots of traffic on the street and I even saw a Moped driving on the sidewalk to avoid traffic !  We arrived at the mall and went to a restaurant called Moxies.

I took this picture of the lighting arrangement that was over our table it looked pretty neat.  So the food arrived!

Ms Pandatronics had this but I don’t remember what it was.  I think it had some chicken in the wrap. (Edit: a chicken enchilada. It made her tummy hurt after)

Of course for me, I had a grilled burger with aged white cheddar and bacon.  I wanted onion rings, but they had none :( I had to settle for fries.

Friend Ramon had a salad with I think it was a steak sandwich.  I could not get a good picture here.

My cousin decided on chicken fingers! They looked delicious…maybe I should have order that too.

Friend Zara had I think this was Beef Vindaloo…I’m not sure how to spell this.

Friend Jeremy had a Steak Salad.  Do you all like pictures of food?  I love taking pictures of food.

So we finished up at Moxies and headed around the mall chatting and looking in the stores.

Photo was snapped outside of Druxy’s Deli.  Of course this is Pandatronics.

I really tried to get a good photo of this.  I almost dropped the camera in the water ^^;

I had a little fun and games with the light gun for Time Crisis 4.

Boots are battered after a long day of walking.  Feet are also tired.  I went home and hit the bed ^^;

– Pandatronics


6 Responses to “Panda in the mall”

  1. Asian Ed said

    What kind of camera? Beach Camera is currently running 3x 4GB ExtremeIII SDHC cards for $12 after rebate. These are really nice high speed cards and I use them for my cameras.

    More info:

    • pandatr0nics said

      Currently my camera is a few years old, Minolta DiMAGE X

      • Asian Ed said

        Looks like it’ll take SD cards, not sure about the high capacity (greater than 2GB) variety though… Either way, 2GB cards are fairly cheap these days. Just look on NewEgg. I think you’d be hard pressed to fill a 2GB card with a 2MP camera.

    • pandatr0nics said

      ^^; yeah the 2GB card doesn’t work in it. Looking to just buy a new camera at some point.

  2. For some reason that lighting arrangement over the table in the 2nd shot creeps the hell out of me. Reminds me of the inside of a beehive or some sort of infestation lol. The food is definitely yummy looking though.

    • pandatr0nics said

      LOL well the lighting wasn’t as bright as the picture that happened due to flash lol but i guess it might be kinda creepy

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