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Monster Hunter 3tri

Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/23/2010

My journey has begun!

Hello friends!

Panda here has entered the brand new monster hunting world on the Nintendo Wii. This is not a review but rather call to fellow hunters! If you have this game and wish to play online arena trials or quest together then leave me a note here and we’ll find a time to play together!

Hiryu, Switch Axe, HR: 5 usually playing in Rookie, Fresh1, City gate 25, room 1


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Toronto Blogger: Cherry Blossom viewing

Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/03/2010

Hello friends!

I was thinking of planning an event for us before we go off to our usual conventions in the summer and various trips for those who regularly show up.

It’s April now and that means the cherry blossoms will bloom soon and I was hoping we could all get together for a picnic or whatever to just enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and to catch up with one another whom we may not have seen for a while. It’s still in the planning and any help or input is welcome .

I really hope to have a successful event again as 2 of my 3 events last year were wonderful.

hope to hear from you soon.


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