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A new year!

Posted by pandatr0nics on 01/17/2012

Hello everyone!

It’s my first post of the year sorry it’s so late ! LOL and it’s about last year!

I had an end of the year Korean BBQ party with some great friends of mine ! I just hadn’t gotten around to posting the photos! but i’ll just post up everything  from the end of the year from christmas on! I’d just like to say 2011 was a really strange, but eventful year and I know i need to blog more, but my twitter does get a lot of messeges ! More after the jump!~So yeah I had a christmas party with my best friend and her hubby and his pals while i dont have any pictures of it i do have a short video!

Xmas party 2011

Now then I also had a new years sort of get together with my great friends I’ve met through blogging and conventions! Before the dinner however! myself and 2-san decided to play around in EB Games in Downtown Toronto

Theres also a short video ! shoddy cam by me !

2-san at eb games

Wonderful times ! although the aftermath is that …. he broke the stick shift >.> but we put it back together quickly and left before anyone noticed! WAHAHAHAHAHA~

Now then to KBBQ probably some familiar faces you’ll see!

these two always beside each other when i take photos

Saku’s waifu joined a little later i dunno if i got her in any photos ! IM SORRY WAIFU I FAILED YOU

there she is ! but is blurry I apologize! I will get a better one next time!

AH enjoy this video inbetween of christ and his plate of meats!

errybody wavewave + meatplate

and that was the end of the KBBQ adventure but there was still the going home adventure in the Calvinmobile

theres also our little video there too

initial D canada style o.O?


Thats the end of my party post ! I know i promised a SWTOR post but …. it failed! the screen shot doesnt work on swtor so all the times i SS’d during my leveling went to waste ! i’m really sad about that



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