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Posted by pandatr0nics on 07/14/2010

hey everyone !

I am sadfaced … I have more downtime again due to laptop being in the repair shop again T_T

I’ll let you know whats been up though. Firstly, I have to shave my head lol I’m probably going to be having some sort of surgery that would require them to do it anyway. Second the xbox360 is still out of commission  so yeah sorry about that.

I just got dragon quest IX and I’m having  fun with that.  I will bring a review of sorts in days to come. is back up! and I’ll be working with those guys again. Thanks guys ^_^

~ Panda


One Response to “downtime!!”

  1. robostrike said

    Get well soon~ When you’re a-okay, let’s hang out again! This time with you at 100% functioning capacity!

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