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Tales of the Hunt #1

Posted by pandatr0nics on 06/03/2010

Hello Friends!

This is a new entry to go along with my many adventures in Monster Hunter 3tri on the nintendo Wii. The picture up top i did not take myself I thank you co-optimus for letting me borrow it.

This will basically be various Tales of my main character on MH3 named Hiryu (online ID is WEL3MU).

Without further ado, Here is Tales of the Hunt #1.

Having just made my first character on MH3tri, I did some solo offline things just to make enough hunt money and materials to upgrade weapons and armour.  I then took off to the great expanse that is the online component of MH3tri and quickly found myself joining a quest that seemed to be easy killing, but how wrong I was.

I was there with 3 other hunters who I just met in the tavern and we set off to kill some Ludiroth  for the quest.  Until he showed up… My very first encounter with a new boss and new underwater battle mechanics. The Royal Ludiroth sprung out of the waters while we were in mid combat and we had to quickly get out of the way of his dash attack and stamina draining water ball.

I found myself in a slight panic as I wasn’t sure where to hit or if we should run, but my team held their ground  and I also put my all into attacking. For the first little while we fought on the grounds avoiding him while attacking and we cut his tail off!  The Ludiroth was now furious and hit much harder than before and I was almost killed with only one hit.

I realized that my armour was not that great but I had to endure and do this to be able to build new gear. Just then the Ludiroth jumped back into the water and we had to chase him down.  Swimming was great fun, but it’s very difficult to fight underwater. 2 of my team mates had fallen and returned back to us after respawning at the camp. We then did everything we could to beat that Royal Ludiroth and then beat the normal Ludiroth to finish the quest before someone else dies. All our work would have went down the drain if one of us gets knocked out.

We chased him to the cave section of the map and there he left the water and was now trying to recover on the caves surface area.  We found him and not only managed to weaken his head mane, but also weaken him enough despite the relentless attacks from both him and his following regular ludiroth. The leader set the shock trap, and our axeman put him to sleep with tranq bombs.

The boss was captured and we killed the regular ludiroth to finish the hunt quest. We all cheered with the emotes before it sent us back to the tavern.

It was an exciting battle and I hope to share more stories with you.

– Panda


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