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Goodbye laptop

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/27/2010

Today marks the official end of my laptop.

As of this morning it is now a brick… and I find myself at a loss, because that laptop has been playing an important role of keeping my sanity in check during the whole hearing loss process.  Now I’m currently having trouble again with the hearing and with a brick for a laptop today is really turning into a horrible mess.

While I am typing this on my desktop it also has many troubles of it’s own and I need to replace it too which is why i dont want to spend too much time on it so that it’s still intact long enough to transfer files to a new computer.

Thankfully there wasn’t really anything on the laptop other than photos which happen to be in my flickr.

RIP laptop – you were pretty crappy when you were given to me, but now you’re just wasting space.


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