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Reach for Panda

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/08/2010

Panda here!

Well everyone it’s go time for anyone with an xbox360 and Halo:ODST.  The beta for Halo Reach is live and is taking the community by storm!

This is my feelings and experiences on the beta so far and what ultimately lead up to as I’m not a big FPS fan.

So the past couple weeks I had been pondering what to get and really I had high hopes for White Knight Chronicles for the PS3, but many had said it’s not that great and takes a long time to really do anything in… I don’t normally let that change my decision, but this time around I felt a little uncertainty and with 3D dot Heroes coming in the following weeks prior to this post, I was left scratching my head.

Talking with Argyle, Robo, Jez, AsianEd, and various other great friends in my gaming circle I was given the other option to try Halo Reach beta instead as it would be cheaper than WKC and ultimately worth it as I’d be getting ODST and the chance to play the beta. I then logged into my xbox live early monday morning this week and low and behold after searching online the popular gaming stores and even walmart had ODST for close to 50 bucks, I found it the ad telling me that best buy was having a sale and ODST was much cheaper than everywhere else.

So I went out tuesday morning and picked up my copy of ODST popped it in the 360 and played ODST for a little while. I then decided what the heck and downloaded the reach beta and had a go.  For a while I thought, “Yeah this is about the same as when I played halo 3 online…” and it wasn’t very entertaining to me, until argyle and jez and their pal austin signed on and grouped up with me.

It was so much fun playing together with friends even though the respawn points were retarded at times and also strange glitches all over for example: Myself vs Random person, unloaded on them with my rifle took their shields down and threw a grenade. Thats a typical thing right? Well I saw the guy died it said I killed him, but what happened? The grenade simple just bounced off of him and he died….it then blew up after and I was laughing hard. that happened a few times.

Friday: Invasion game mode is added to the beta, Now this! it a whole lot of fun ! this i could play alone and enjoy myself it’s like a big team battle. 6 players on each side in a two person team basically fighting for control. I’ve yet to be put on the covenant side of this battle but it’s completely entertaining.

All in all i’ll bring some more updates and stories of my adventure in Halo Reach… Also! I can’t forget about Monster Hunter Tri! I’ll be bringing you tales of the Hunt soon enough.

Panda signing off!


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