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God of War 3: Review

Posted by pandatr0nics on 03/28/2010

Hello friends!

I’m going to review a little this time ^^; not sure how it’ll turn out, but here I go!

Today we’ll do God of War 3 for the Playstation 3.

If you’re a fan of the series than you’ve probably played the other installments, but to those just playing this for the first time the story is as follows.


Kratos and the Titans are making an assault on Mount Olympus, and the game starts as it ended in the second with Kratos riding on the Titan Gaia.  Kratos still lusting for vengeance on Zeus will stop at nothing to kill him and the remaining Gods of Mt Olympus won’t stand idly by. Poseidon, Hermes, Hades, Helios, and even Hercules jump into action in this episode of the series.

Sounds great right ? Throughout this episode of the series you will be reminded of many of Kratos’ past actions from his original sins as a Spartan to becoming the God of War. I having played the previous installments found it to be an amazing storyline, but also it will help those who are playing for the first time know exactly what they may have missed.

The Gameplay of God of War 3 doesn’t differ greatly from previous installments too much save for the weapons you get and the use of magic. Magic spells in this game are tied to the weapon you are using. The default Blades of Exile give you the the Army of Sparta spell which summon ghosts of the spartan army to cover you with their shields and stab the enemies with their spears.  I won’t go into detail about all the spells, but I will inform you on the weapons you have at your disposal.

The Blades of Exile, given to you by Athena during your return to the River Styx. The Claws of Hades, during your battle with Hades. The Nemean Cestus, acquired during your battle with Hercules. Finally, The Nemesis Whip, Crafted for you by Hephaestus.

In this game there is another returning, yet changed feature. Using built up rage as before in the previous games this time you use the Rage of Sparta to wield the Blade of Olympus and deal several times more damage to your enemies.

Also returning for this Game are the Challenges of Olympus which can be found in the Extras menu at the title screen.

The graphics are wonderfully done what can really be said about it ^^; the PS3 performs marvelously.

Here is a little bit of video:

^ The Introduction video before the title screen

^ Alittle bit of the Opening gameplay

Well as for sound…. I’m sure it has a wonderful soundtrack and great voice acting ^^; I hear even Kevin Sorbo plays the voice of Hercules!  If you don’t know about it back in the 90s Kevin Sorbo also played Hercules in a live action tv series. I thought it was pretty funny when I heard about that ^^;

Overall, I’m going to give this game about a 9 out of 10 as there as still some glitches that really… well lets just say you’re going to continue many times ^^; whether it be from just getting mangled by foes or failing to get the icarus wings to open properly. It’s a difficult game, but I really enjoyed it and I hope you all do too.

~ Panda

Will be back with FF XIII review another time.


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