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Con Report: MTAC

Posted by pandatr0nics on 03/21/2010

Hello Friends!

I went to MTAC  yesterday!  I didn’t think  I would attend since I hadn’t been feeling well ^^;  I mustered up enough energy to bring myself out to enjoy a con and break a very long and drawn out absence from events due to circumstances. Again all of this is due to the support from all of you during my hiatus… well anyhow I have to apologize this time, because I have no photos T_T my camera has finally kicked the bucket and it’s time for a new one.

I arrived about 20 minutes to 11 am and spotted my very good friend Robostrike in the skywalk headed for the con and accompanied by Haruhiist and MasterAsia DC members. ^^; I had to look at robo’s blog to find their DC names because i couldn’t really hear all that well. Argyle…. seems to have been drunk and missed the event.

Now, I’ve been to MTAC before and it’s changed since I last came… When I came a few years back the con was free to enter and I assumed it stayed that way since there was no admission on the website. When I got there however I ended up having to pay $15 (there goes my lunch money for the day) and really… I think I just paid to walk around the dealers room which is comprised mostly of stores I’ve already been to which aren’t even 20 minutes away from the convention site.

I think there were some good deals, but mostly I saw a lot of overpricing. You must all think I’m pretty fail right I came to a con with only lunch money :P but in reality I wasn’t expecting to go and when I came out I just felt that I would just be there to enjoy myself rather than buy a lot of things which i have no room for.

After walking around we met up with Rin and there was a lot of entertaining things happening there, but it seems that coupled with travel and all the walking had made me tired since I am still sick. I had sat down and watched over our groups bags while they explored and took photos, while I stayed there and played my PSP with Crisis core, and a little bit of metal gear solid peace walker demo.

While resting another good friend Saku came to visit and chat with me a bit, and also making a new friend Delon Ho while playing a little monster hunter on my psp.

While the convention itself was a little disappointing  I myself had a wonderful time meeting new friends/bloggers and seeing many of my good friends again after many months since our last meet up.  Thanks for making my weekend truly spectacular!

I’ll get to game updates and stuff at a later date though…. so many games.. so little time.

~ Panda


4 Responses to “Con Report: MTAC”

  1. robostrike said

    Next time you should talk with us more! Be more outgoing! And you should totally do a cosplay! ^_^ Somehting of your style so you can grab more attention!

  2. delonho said

    It was nice meeting you man! the only thing I regret was paying $15 to get inside *facepalm*

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