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Returning Home

Posted by pandatr0nics on 03/02/2010


Panda is returning home after a very long hiatus. I want to thank all of you who had sent me tweets, emails, and msn messages during my time away it really meant a lot to me having such great friends and readers.What to say…. there is a lot ^^; I guess first I’ll say that I am no longer together with the girl you all know as mrs. pandatronics, I know some of you had met her at a party last summer. Things like this happen i guess and I can’t stay down and out about it forever.

I guess when it happened is when I decided to take my initial hiatus, but I’d become rather busy between doctor appointments and family stuff that I just didn’t have time to write up anything. Most of you already know that I am half deaf and I’ve been trying to find a way to cope with everyday life and also find a way for me to have some kind of hearing.

During my time away I’d gotten a new web camera ^_^ I was happy about that hehe. My sister had gotten engaged also in December on her birthday and the family has been happy about that too. I’d also got a bunch of new and old games for 360 and wii.  I will tell you however, that christmas time was very different for me this year and it was hard…I love christmas time and all the sounds and music hehe, but it was expected and I guess I should have prepared myself a little better for it.

What I’ve been doing while away is mostly just playing the games I’d got. Skate. , Kengo (i enjoy this one though i played it only a little so far), Timeshift, Assassin’s Creed 2, Bionic Commando, Darksiders, The New Super Mario bros Wii, No More Heroes 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Sega All Star Tennis (lol), and Mass Effect 2. I’d also borrowed Dragon Age: Origins and have been playing that.

What’s to come? Well I can’t say for sure really I have a few Doctor appointments for the next two months, but I am holding together fairly decently and of course I am still keeping up with my daily manga ^_^

eh?!? was I talking too long … ^^;  I’m sorry well anyways I’m home ! It’s good to be home again!

– Panda


7 Responses to “Returning Home”

  1. robostrike said

    Yay, welcome back! Survive for another 2 months and you’ll be doing better in no time! Will you be going to MTAC? the march anime toronto convention in Metro toronto convention centre during the weekend of March 20th?

  2. Argyle said

    Welcome backk!! =D heheh lol my hiatus will be more than 2 months though gahh >__< GOod luck on 2010 man!!

  3. GNdynames said

    Hey mate, glad to see you’re back.

    I’m currently on hiatus though. My life is bollocks right now, so please do me a favor and enjoy life in my place.

    • pandatr0nics said

      I’m sure you will bounce back. Enjoying life is still a challenge ^^; but I will now keep you all informed of when happens so there isn’t anything to worry about

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