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Dinner Get Together Success!

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/24/2009

Hello Friends!

Last night was a wonderful evening ! I want to thank everyone for coming out and making this event successful!

I was really worried at first because there was very little response to the event! So I thank you all very much for coming out!

We went out to dinner at Montana’s Cookhouse last night because it is one of my favourite places to eat at! This was an early celebration on my road to becoming part robot as I will be getting a hearing aid on September 10th.

Now for entertaining photos and first up is me with a silly face!

Man that really is a silly face! I should have had another one taken T_T oh well. Next is Sara aka Ms Pandatronics and Christine.

Next …. is food! because I like taking pictures of food! So the free appetizer we got was uhm…a spinach dip with pita chips! I didn’t really have some.

I also saw some sweet potato fries that i really wanted to try so I ordered them!

Now so the Meals and photos at the end I won’t explain them just enjoy the photos ^^;

Dinner and observation ^^;

They warmed up to the camera ^^

And finally this was just for my own entertainment the sign that was near our table.. I just really wanted to take a picture of it.

Well that was the dinner! I am glad people came and enjoyed themselves! I also want to extend a thank you to robostrike for the dinner invitation card, to Rin for the lovely K-ON! poster and stories of Japan, and most importantly to Sara my girlfriend for helping me make reservations and ordering food ^^; I really couldn’t have made this successful without you!

September 10th I will be getting my hearing aid so look forward to an event sometime after that!

– Panda


2 Responses to “Dinner Get Together Success!”

  1. jbutlerx said

    I didn’t get an invite? :(

    Who’s the guy with the food stains on his shirt? That’s a lott’a splatter.

    Hope your doing well. I’m not in the usual places anymore, but I pass by your blog and say Hello now & then.


  2. Argyle said

    this post made me hungry….XDD

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