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Epic Sidewalks

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/17/2009

Hello Friends!

So a few weeks back I was hanging with my pal Argyle and we were on our way back from McDonald’s when we saw this street sign. Now really it has this absolutely amazing epic name right ? Monolithic Sidewalk! It sounds like it’s bad ass doesn’t it?  In the end looking at the sign and then looking at the two sidewalks we realized….the monolithic sidewalk was just a little bit wider than a normal sidewalk.

Oh well… Next time i’ll post another picture of things around town ^^

– Panda


One Response to “Epic Sidewalks”

  1. Mallard said

    Haha! That is great. I love anticlimactic signs.

    I was sent here as a “related post” from my own blog. Not sure how it’s related, but I quite enjoyed your picture!

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