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Dinner Party Hooplah!

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/14/2009


Hello Friends!

Today, I come to tell you that I am hosting a dinner(or lunch) party at Montana’s Cookhouse!  I haven’t made reservations just yet!

I ask you if you want to come what date are you available? I have tentatively set the date for the 22nd of August.

Please get back to me ASAP you can email me from the link in my contact page.

– Panda

p.s. ty robostrike for the invite card again ^^


9 Responses to “Dinner Party Hooplah!”

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  2. robostrike said

    Will be there ^_^ for sure!

  3. […] next big activity 2009 August 14 tags: hearing, party by robostrike Pandatr0nics finally is getting his hearing back.  As a result, he’s inviting blogers as well as friends […]

  4. longhim said


    Which Montana’s is this? ^^;

    I’ve already made plans for most of the day, so I don’t know if I can make it for sure. Will need some more details first. xP If it fits though…I’d love to be there.

  5. Delay it past the 31st! I wanna come too :'(

  6. Saku said

    Grats on having your hearing fixed. I want to come but August 22 may not be good for me

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