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Pandatronic BBQ funtimes

Posted by pandatr0nics on 08/03/2009

Hello Friends!

Well the Toronto Otaku/Gaming Blogger BBQ is over now. I didn’t get much in the way of pictures, but we had a blast! more after the jump.

So to begin with I would like to thank everyone who came over for fun and games and delicious food! I was a little worried about the rain ^^; luckily it rained for all of maybe a few minutes and the sun dried it right up!

At first there was only Robo, GNdynames, and Robo’s Pal Andrew. We had a lot of fun playing Virtual On, Street Fighter 4, Blazblue, Monster Hunter, and Beautiful Katamari while waiting for others to arrive.

There they are laughing at Me and Andrew playing Street Fighter 4 against each other.

Here I failed to take a picture of the TV well while playing beautiful katamari. it’s lulz isn’t it?

At this point we had returned from the grocery store with delicious things to bbq and decided to play rock band 2 since trix and saku arrived. As you can see there is water bottles out as it was a very humid day today.

Here we had already finished eating out in the backyard! I could not take photos while out there as I was grilling the food ^^; Argyle arrived at that point so we decided more rock band! RB2 Photos Below.

So I fail at taking pictures of the TV. There are 3 photos of this. 2 are already seen above with Beautiful Katamari and the one just above this.

Here is fail part 2 and yes there is a 4th one you’ll see soon.

Here Argyle and Robo were playing halo 3 and i wanted to take a picture but as you can see i didn’t do very well here either ^^;

Saku brought some Delicious cakes from T & T Supermarket. They really are yummy!

I call this photo the Dual Photo Lounge. Saku, Trix, and GNdynames lounging on the sofa and Robo and myself taking photos from opposite sides.

and here we see the last bit of snacks and drink bottles all over my table lol.

It really was a lot of fun and most likely you’ll get more photos if you visit Robo’s Blog lol well thats it for me. I’m about ready to hit the snooze button.


5 Responses to “Pandatronic BBQ funtimes”

  1. trixoptics said

    Yup, it was a fun day! It was cool meeting everyone. Too bad I will be on vacation for the next event :(

  2. jezman14 said

    ahh i should have been there! I missed my meet with panda and the rest at anime north this year >_<. you guys sure had fun! Argyle told me to go, but unfortunately i had other plans. hopefully we can meet at FanExpo. I should wear my Haruhiism tshirt to match Robostrike, i've already met up with him a few weeks back. how bout getting together one day in Mississauga? BTW Argyle if you see this, pick up your bike at my house.

  3. Argyle said

    ^_^ =3

  4. […] are randomly pulled from either mine, Robostrike’s or Pandatr0nic’s collection, because my digital camera feels like popping flashes all the time (should have […]

  5. Saku said

    I had a lot of fun. Thx for hosting, Panda ^^

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