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Pandatr0nic Party

Posted by pandatr0nics on 07/20/2009


Today I come to you with a small get together for Toronto Otaku/Gamer Bloggers!

I’ve made quite a few pals since starting to blog and being on the site. I really wanted to have another meet up to make up for the AN meetup which only got a small mixup.

Robostrike and Argyle have been discussing this with me for a little while now so i will provide you now with the invitation card (which is too big to fit in my blog screen ^^; )

Invitation Card GET!

well my email is in my info page so please let me know if you’re interested!  ^^


3 Responses to “Pandatr0nic Party”

  1. Argyle said


  2. GNdynames said

    One thing you should consider is preparing name tags. Just throwing it out there.

    PS. I will most likely be going, and a friend is coming with me.

  3. jbutlerx said


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