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bored at home

Posted by pandatr0nics on 07/15/2009

Hello Friends!

It’s been a while I know, but I’ve had little to write about other than updating you on my hearing situation.  I’ve gone to another hospital yesterday to see another set of doctors which well if I can get hearing again and move on it would be super, but I’m just getting very tired of this whole ordeal. I’ve not been able to work for many months now and I really need money.

I go for walks and try to take my mind off of things while I’m at home, but it’s coming real close to my limit. Thankfully my good friends from the DC community Argyle and Robostrike are planning to come over and have a fun weekend of games and food.

I thank all of you who come to check up on me to see how I am doing through my blog. Your support has kept me on my feet and gives me a smile.

– Pandatronics


3 Responses to “bored at home”

  1. Argyle said

    Hope you get your hearing back~!! Making trips to hospitals always sicken me due to previous situations. Muahahah wait till next week ^^ lol I’ll bring in some food too ^^

  2. jbutlerx said

    Hey Panda, keep your chin up m8… I have lots of friends here who are out of work @this time due to lay off’s and a tough job market, but you gotta keep moving forward.

    Wish you the best Panda.

    Go to Montana’s and get a burger for me! :)

  3. robostrike said

    So, you okay if we crash your place next weekend? I just need your location so I can get there next week. I’ll do what I did last time and post up the event on my blog. Let’s keep in touch.

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