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Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/28/2009

Hello Friends!

Well we all know I went and had fun on the weekend which was absolutely fantastic! So what now?  That was my biggest event of the year and I would love to have some more big events, but I would also love to have my hearing back.

So what is in store for Pandatronics?

I have no clue to be honest, but I am starting to plan an event for the return of my hearing when the doctors fix it and planning to have an outside of a convention Toronto members event.  While both are still in the planning I am a little excited about it, but for the time being I feel very exhausted from the weekend.

How about you? When you come home from the conventions or a big event where you may be on your feet all day long do you also feel exhausted when you reach home? It may just be me or it may just mean I’m not sleeping enough. All I know is that it is important to enjoy your life to the fullest even if you come home feeling a little weary and achey from a long convention, maybe have ringing ears from that concert you always wanted to go to, or even having to work your buns off after taking that trip to japan you always wanted to take and spent a little more than you thought :P

Right now though I’m recovering and thought I would use this time to talk about whatever had come to mind as I can see a lot of posts prior to this were about Anime North 2009. I would like to thank you for continuing to read my blog and commenting as it makes me feel happy to know people read my stories and entries, but also have something to say about it. I only started blogging at the beginning of April 2009, but I really love it now and will continue to share with you about gaming, anime, and my life here in Toronto or where ever I happen to be.

– Pandatronics


2 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. robostrike said

    “I missed the event”
    That’s cuz I didn’t see other DCer’s T_T…oh well, get better soon Panda!

  2. jbutlerx said

    My ears ring all the time… don’t worry I don’t think it’s from playing guitar or loud concerts but from spending many years of running daily with a walkman set to full vol. I think I have very good but sensitive hearing these days, but I also have Tinnitus. yes it’s really nice to wake up at 3AM with one ear going off like your in the middle of Shock & Awe Iraq invasion.

    lol, be carful with your hearing.

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