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AN2009 wrap-up

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/26/2009

Hello Friends!

This is pandatronics bringing you an anime north 2009 wrap up! I had originally planned to blog during the convention, but the net in my hotel was super slow! I barely managed to upload the pictures ^^; more after the jump.

So Day 1, I arrived around 11am or so much later than I wanted to be as there was already a large lineup of course that line up went pretty fast once it got going.  Got bagged and tagged then headed off across the bridge to the hotel I was at with ms. pandatronics. ^^; My arms are pretty sore from carrying stuff for hours already. I’ll tell you one thing though during the course of the weekend I found it very difficult to ask for pictures with my hearing almost non existant[will blog about that again at a later date]

I managed to pop into the dealers room and to my surprise someone at the kikiwai booth spotted the mascot on my clipboard and waved at me ^^.

here is the clipboard.

The dealers room was pretty crowded, but I managed to see many things in there of course I didn’t buy anything this year :( not enough funds.

here is a random shot of the dealers room…had hard time taking photos with cosplay gloves on.

K-ON! spotted! I spotted a cutie cosplaying Yui while wandering the dealers room. She was buying buttons ^^; I had waited for her to finish her purchase.

Hirasawa Yui cosplay

Upon leaving the dealers room there was … a wrestling ring. Now I know it’s there every year, but this year it seemed many more people were interested in it.

dealers room wrestling ring

It was getting late and I was getting pretty tired and hungry so I was headed for a quick bite at harvey’s before heading back to the hotel and noticed that Anime North cosplayers love the ice cream trucks.

Large group of people wandering about outside the tcc.

Many of that group is headed for these ice cream trucks

This was dindins.

day 1 end.


I woke up pretty early for day 2 and headed over to see the Saturday registration lineup [mind you there is video of this event, but that will come at a later date] and it was already quite amazing ^^; please mouse over the photos for info.

Now you must be wondering what that gaggle of people on the other side is well that would be the people who already have their badges lining up to hit the dealers room as soon as it opens! heres another photo of this.

So I headed away from this area and was thinking about breakfast, but in the end I did not have the chance to have any.  I did run into a chibi roxas having some fun and games with a sibling.

I also decided to snap a few more pictures along the way…I really wish I could have taken more, but the camera was being uncooperative with my costume gloves.

I really would like a new camera ^^; I feel bad that the photos do not show these great outfits the way I saw them.  It seems I ran into little roxas again only this time posing for cameras.

It seems the little guy was really tired from posing ^^; Would you bring your children or younger siblings to an anime convention in cosplay?

Well it’s about 12 pm at this time and I headed to the front of the TCC and started waving the clipboard in the air hoping to find the wayward members.  Mavadotar, twu, and Tourak were the troopers who stuck around and headed for lunch together. A thank you to Orcrinus who also showed up fun some chatting before going on his way. We headed for Swiss Chalet to have some lunch and chat…well the others were chatting ^^; I had a hard time communicating hah I’m so sorry guys I hope that next time we meet I’ll have full use of my ears.

here you see my iced tea and tourak’s drink as well as some of his loot he got in the dealers room.

It seems I have a thing for burgers ^^; this is my lunch, burger with cheddar and mozzerella, some bacon and side of fries. It’s very hard to order food at a restaurant when you can’t hear what the waitress is saying.

We finished lunch and mavadotar headed off on his own. Tourak, twu, and I headed for the dealers room to look for more goodies. It seems twu had found more goodies in the cosplayers along the way ^^; I found a lone power ranger while wandering the dealers room, but he couldn’t stay still to get a photo.

He’s a shiny power ranger….I don’t remember them being so shiny LOL

I snapped some photos of booths while there before heading back to my hotel and saying goodbye to twu and tourak. Thank you guys soo much for putting up with me ^^;

^^; I checked out some of the gaming scene later that night and had a grand time watching master chief playing rock band. I was curious as to why they put Arcana Hearts 2 on the projection screen… It’s a really terrible game.  I then headed for dindins with ms pandatronics.

This is where we went for dindins at my favourite place to eat Montana’s Cookhouse! I absolutely love this restaurant and if you’re ever in Toronto you should check this place out.

This is what I had and like I said it was burger weekend ^^; This burger was glazed with Texas Bold bbq sauce, had some slices of Peameal bacon, Aged Canadian Cheddar on a seasame seed bun. I enjoyed this very much.

Ms. Pandatronics had grilled chicken fajitas and the tortilla wraps were in the green case.

Day 2 end.

DAY 3 Check out DAY!

So the final day and many pains in my legs and arms later I finally get ready to head for home. Decided to snap some pictures of the Harvey’s free hamburger day line and some other photos before heading home.

Avatar anyone ?

Avatar anyone ?

I can use huge guns!

I can use huge guns!

Last minute shoppers

Last minute shoppers

Well that was my time at Anime North 2009. I had a great time despite not having my hearing. I’d like to thank the members who met up with me. I’ll be planning an event sometime during the summer so watch out for that.  There will be video later on from Anime North 2009 that I had taken. DCers remember I caught you on video ! LOL.

Panda signing off


9 Responses to “AN2009 wrap-up”

  1. puppy52doll said

    I like burgers but if I have to eat it day in day out I probably won’t wanna look at it again for a while lol! No pictures of your costume?

    • pandatr0nics said

      ah my outfit I will take photos of me in my outfit when I recover ^^; It seems I wasn’t very popular so no one took photos of me hehe

  2. GNdynames said

    You don’t know how much I regret not going T.T

  3. Argyle said

    Niice pictures Dave!! ^^
    the food makes me hungry everytime I look at them heheh…..
    looks like some people have some very niice cosplays :3

  4. jbutlerx said

    Gahhhhhh! I want that burger…. Doe!

    Hey Panda, Nice photo’s. I am sure I would love Montana’s :)

    Con looks like it was a lot of fun. But also with these sort of things, lots of walking and eye candy overload. I use to go to NAMM in Anaheim CA many years ago when I was fortunate to have had a friend in the business. Was great fun to see all the new equipment and musicians, but 3 days of walking around takes it’s toll.

    • pandatr0nics said

      oh yeah hahah it was a lot of walking.
      Hopefully you find your way to Toronto sometime you could goto montana’s.

      I wonder which burger you want haha the swiss chalet or the montana’s or both.

  5. robostrike said

    AN was fun…I actually learned a lot there and hopefully be able to be part of this ACG cult that’s been spurring around in the artist alley. I’ve searched through all your photos to try and find me but without any success. Oh well, we’ll meet some other time ^_^ There’s always Fan Expo (not AN2010 cuz I might be away to Japan next april).

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