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Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/16/2009

Synthe game beta finally released for 2 day trial period! more after the jump.

I thought I would try my hand at this Synthe beta so here are my first impressions of the game.

I would like to say I am fully enjoying the beta, but amongst all it’s cuteness and it’s innovation… There is no english other than the word OK. I would love to be able to leave the lobby ^^; but it seems I am unable to leave the lobby area as the game crashes when I go through the big doors. I will continue to test the game despite these problems ^^; I will now show you a couple of screen caps…. they aren’t the best.

Some random dancing appears to be happening here.

There is some more dancing happening ^^;

Now that I’ve played this a little more I’ve come to understand just a tiny bit about finding things to do during this beta.

Here you see this highlighted green button and I’ve figured out that this is the Game playing button.  When you click on this button you will go to what appears to be a list of available games running for your nendoroid or figma avatar to play.

This is the list channel mentioned before. This lightly blue coloured one that i highlighted appears to be the card game Go Fish!

I noticed that whenever I see the green button that is highlighted in this screen cap it means that you want to play the game.  Clicking it will download the game data so that you can play it with 4 other people.

Here is what this game looks like! It’s very fun and I enjoyed playing it ^^; I was unsuccessful with the other game on the channel list though.

That’s all the pictures I got so far, but if you’re really looking to play visit:

– Pandatronics


4 Responses to “Synthe!”

  1. aprilius20 said

    Soo… this some online dancing game, like SDO?

    • pandatr0nics said

      It’s not really a dancing game… you can just make your avatar dance!

      You design your avatar, you can create your own game and share it with other users ^^; but i’m having difficulty though i did manage to play go fish! at least…thats what it seemed to be ^^;

  2. Nopy said

    The avatars look so cute, but I don’t know how to sign up for it, everything’s in Japanese :(

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