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Otaku Rooms

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/04/2009


Hello Friends! I come to you with a view of the “Otaku Room” ^^;I know that many of you have your very own otaku rooms, many of which I have seen during the otaku room contest on danny’s website.  While I had just joined when the winner was announced, I did get the chance to see many outstanding rooms and collections, so I thought to myself “I should share my otaku room with the community too” and so I will share the remaining photos of the room.

This is the same as the opening photo I used.  It is the TV area of the room as you can see there are a few gaming systems there and well a very large amount of manga, anime, and collectables.

This is pretty much the very first thing you see when you walk into the room ^^; maybe time for a new shelf.

Like the previous photo this is the floor area of the walk in.  Also part of the closet.

This is the Model Case and Game Rack directly to the right of the doorway.  See anything from your collection here?

This area is the floor near the gaming section ^^; run out of space on the shelves for the boxed sets.

C3P0 helps me with translation.

Now that takes care of most of the room stuff.  Now for the puchi blurb mention from last night with lightningsabre .  The Max Factory Guilty Gear XX Bridget.

That’s all folks! See you again soon!

– Pandatronics


4 Responses to “Otaku Rooms”

  1. Haha, digging that Threepio bust. I’m wondering what happens if you want to read a manga that happens to be in the middle of the huge stacks you have there?

    • pandatr0nics said

      ^^; i have to take the stacks apart to get the book hahaha it’s a very long process so most likely will take a whole section before putting it all back

  2. Mitoko said

    I’m gonna keep an eye out for your blog ;D I am in love with your room!!! I think the first thing I look for in rooms is how much manga they have, and then how many figures they have. I have no idea why. Any way you can post up more high resolution pics?

    Oh, and one more question, how come some of the figures are still in their boxes and some are on display?

    Ah! And your Bridget purchase T_T I love Bridget, but I can’t seem to find a trustworthy place to get her(him)!

    • pandatr0nics said

      ^^; I need to buy a new camera for higher res pictures there will be Figure Shoots when I have a better camera.

      As for the MIB(Models in box) ^^; I ran out of room on the shelves and the display case is now full (there are a lot of models hiding out in the closet with their boxes).

      Bridget is hard to find ^^; was chance that bridget was acquired

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