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What’s in your Handheld? Week 3

Posted by pandatr0nics on 05/03/2009

Hello friends!

That’s right you guessed it!  It’s week three of what’s in your handheld! So last week there was a lot of castlevania playing on the PSP and well I had a fun time with it inbetween other gaming.So what will it be this week for me? I’m actually not playing anything at the moment, but I do want to take this oppourtunity to and fill you guys in on a DS game that I’m looking into buying at somepoint.

The game is called Steal Princess it’s made by Atlus.  The basic story run-down thanks to

While exploring the thought-to-be-long-abandoned palace of the Ancient Demon King, the young thief Anise stumbles upon a startling discovery: the palace isn’t abandoned at all, and it’s crawling with demons, no less! Equally startling is the deadly booby trap she triggers in the process of opening a locked door. She barely outruns the giant boulder bearing down on her, escaping the palace only to fall into a surging river, unconscious.

The fairy Kukri, imprisoned for centuries in the chamber Anise inadvertently unlocked, rescues her and takes her to the Castle of Albyon. Anise awakens in the presence of the King, whose son is being held by demons in the very palace Anise narrowly escaped from. Recent events have unshakably convinced the King that this thief is descended from the Legendary Hero of Albyon, he who slew the Ancient Demon King centuries ago, and so he commands her thusly: free the Prince from the vile demons… or be tried and convicted as a thief and locked away for life. Not much of a choice, one way or the other…

Over 150 levels of increasing complexity push your central processing unit (i.e., your brain) to its limits. When you’ve completed the stages provided, wipe your well-earned tears of joy away and jump into the powerful level creator to design your own devilishly tough maps, placing enemies, constructing moving platforms, and even setting custom victory conditions.

Time for some videos on it yea? Trailer:


So that is what I’m looking to be gaming on sometime in the near future! Now I ask you, What are you gaming on or looking to acquire?

– Pandatronics


One Response to “What’s in your Handheld? Week 3”

  1. Mitoko said

    I think I’ve had Professor Layton and the Curious Village in my DS since it came out XD I’m not too big on DS games, and I only use my PSP for portable anime watching XD hehe, they’re wasted on me. But if you’re looking for a Hell of a puzzle game, Professor Layton is the one for you!

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