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Convention Countdown

Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/27/2009

Hello friends!

It has come to my attention that April is slowly coming to an end and that can only mean one thing to us here in Toronto…Anime North! It is sneaking up on us so very slowly, but are you ready?

Cosplayers, shoppers, doujin artists, and just those going to take pictures and experience a convention I ask you are you fully prepared?  Why am I asking it more than once?  I feel that it is very important to be well prepared for this 3 day event especially if you plan on staying in the hotels nearby, cosplaying outside for long hours and participating in photoshoots and random gatherings (I guess the line up could be considered a random gathering too ^^; ).

After attending conventions for close to 10 years or so, I thought I would help out anyone who might still be new to the convention scene.  So here are a few things to make sure of when attending summer conventions:

  • Keep Hydrated – It is very important to keep yourself hydrated both indoors and outdoors at the conventions, I have seen many cases of people having to be carried to the first aid center or picked up by ambulance due to dehydration.  Bring lots of water or any sort of cool beverages with you or purchase some at the nearby stores.
  • Secure Your Devices/Wallet – Another important point here, I have seen and heard about many sad con goers who go home having lost their digital cameras or wallets….some even lose precious loots!  Make sure you have your cameras and wallets with you at all times and make sure you put your loots in your hotel room or vehicle ASAP! Do not lose your precious investments!  If you see a con goer leave behind something be kind and bring it to them!
  • Personal Hygiene – Please take care of that! ^^; I don’t think I really need to add much to this one.

That is just a little bit of information I wanted to share ^^; Just remember to enjoy yourself and everything should be alright.

Moving right along to my next subject, a few of us Toronto members of are organizing a meetup for any members who just happen to be going to Anime North this year to come out and have lunch on Saturday May 23rd, 2009.  That is the Saturday of Anime North, though we had originally planned for a friday night meet & greet and then saturday luncheon, we decided that just the luncheon would be better.  Join our discussion on the facebook event.

Well that’s all my news for now…oh I may as well make a small mention about it here too. Marvel vs Capcom 2 fans rejoice! Marvel and Capcom let us know that it is official MvC2 will be put out on PSN and XBLA sometime this summer.


2 Responses to “Convention Countdown”

  1. ETERNAL said

    Saturday lunch…I might check it out. I’m not really sure of what to do for meetups yet (and I don’t frequent DC), but I might be there as long as there’s nothing else going on at the time.

    • pandatr0nics said

      Not sure about meetups? Do you have many meetups on your AN agenda? I know I can never make it to all of mine ^^;

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