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Birthday Wrap-up

Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/26/2009

Hello! Pandatronics here!

Well it is the day after my birthday and while I’m quite exhausted I decided to get this birthday wrap up started. First off, I’d like to say I learned some new tricks on here so … now the entries won’t be huge text blocks taking up the main page^^;

April 25th, 2009 started off as a beautiful day, the sun was out, the birds were chirping and everything regarding my birthday was going smoothly.  Let’s fast forward a bit to about 3pm, a small argument on how I was dressed for going out happened…I changed out of my Syaoran costume ^^; I feel like having a place of my own now.  Anyhow, Ms. Pandatronics had arrived already and a little later a friend and my cousin also arrived.  I was waiting on one more guest.

With 3 people here we decided it was snack time!

There was also some Rock Band action going on, but unfortunately I could not get any pictures or video of this :( It was fun to play, but I realized with my hearing the way it is I could not really hear the songs so I was only playing the drums just following what was on the screen ^^; I made many mistakes.

Apparently sometimes at parties it’s ok to sleep, but we got this picture after we poked at her to wake up. This is my cousin…Well hidden face here ^^;

With that being said we then travelled off to the bank and then towards our dinner destination Kelsey’s Restaurant.  Though upon leaving it had started to rain ^^; so much for a sunny birthday.  The pocket ninja was also with us for dinner.  He decided to steal my menu.

He ordered for me which will be shown a little later on.  While awaiting food we decided on waiting game shenaningans with the pocket ninja and some napkins.

Here we have Pope Ninja.

I attempted to make Sumo Ninja…but it looks more like a Diaper Ninja ^^;

After quite a long wait food finally arrived and I got to see what the ninja ordered for me.  He ordered a Cheddar Bacon Sirloin Burger.

Ms. Pandatronics had a quesadilla but we didn’t get a picture of that ^^; Did get a picture of her broccoli soup with cheddar.

After eating for a while and some chatter we decided on dessert…Though it being my birthday I ended up getting a free birthday treat.  Here we have a Chocolate Lava Cake.

Some other desserts the girlie and cousin had ordered.

Went back to the house and bid everyone farewell.  Wait….Pandatronics did you forget about someone? It turns out that the last guest I was waiting on never showed up for the party ^^; wonder where he went. Regardless, I had an enjoyable time resulting in a jolly Pandatronics.

That is all for my birthday.  Thanks for reading my friends ^_^

– Pandatronics


3 Responses to “Birthday Wrap-up”

  1. Ed said

    Happy birthday! Not too much happens at 25, the only thing you can do now is rent a car without the outrageous underage fee.

  2. Happy birthday, looks like you had fun. I still have a few years before the big mid-twenties celebration.

  3. pandatr0nics said

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes ^_^
    @sara: ^^; the ninja liked playing on the camcorder

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