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He is too old

Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/24/2009

So I am gearing up for saturday as I get ready to turn 25.

I wonder where the time goes really ^^; I feel like things move so fast and you don’t really know if you’ve accomplished all the things you really wanted to accomplish in a year.  Oh well I guess I better finish getting all set up for the party?

– Pandatronics


3 Responses to “He is too old”

  1. Wow.. I found someone on Danny Choo who’s older than me! And I thought I was old at 21 :P.

    I’m also from Toronto! Great to meet others who from the same area.

    • pandatr0nics said

      ^_^ hello! hehe yes it is always great to meet others in the same area. HAHA you’re not too old :P Are you still in Toronto or have you moved over to the land of amazing things, Japan.

      • O I’m just over here until September fo ran internship. I was fairly sure I’d like it here and this was just to confirm it before I worked towards this goal for real.

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