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Posted by pandatr0nics on 04/21/2009

I recently lost a member of my family and I realised that sometimes life throws these difficult challenges at you.  When I was there at the viewing looking at this proud person who was once so full of life and laughter, was now dormant and peaceful saying everything that they wanted to say to me simply by laying there as I looked at them.

I think about the times shared and wonder about my own life, would people gather for me and shed tears, tell stories, and talk about me the same way they could talk about this person.  When I gazed upon this person my thoughts could only ask questions about whether I’m enjoying my time and doing what I love.  It is hard to see the passing of a loved one, whether you knew them well or just a little bit, whether you intended to or not I think that all people would shed a few tears.

Times like these you really stop and think to yourself, “Am I really happy with my life?” Do we really take the time to stop and enjoy simple things, little things that most people assume to be trivial, like visiting friends from time to time, or having nice time with your family during dinner.  Having big success stories are great, but to many it’s those little things we remember about the life of both friends and family alike.

I hope that I may be able to share more stories with you, because no matter how you look at things in life we all have a clock that stops and we never know when that clock decides to do so.

– pandatronics


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